The Rise of the Morning Sun

Chapter 1.5

After the defeat of the clawed strider, Gaz-Khul was realed in to Cynis Tarugo using his leash artifact. Gaz-Khul told his master that he singlehandedly defeated the clawed strider. Tarugo was doubtful but came along anyway. When they arrived in the bottom of the crevasse, the body of the clawed strider along with Liria and Daana had vanished. The dragonblood grew board of the hunt so he and his entourage decided to go back home.

Meanwhile at the manse of Cynis Tarugo. Red Summer had arrived for work to find out that his master and most of his servants and guests were to hunt for a clawed strider in the forest. This left Red Summer to wait for the arrival of his once student now mistress Cynis Bakat how was visiting home after completing her studies at the Heptagram a school of sorcery. Upon arrival she showed Red Summer her usual disdain for him.

Bakat forces him to watch her perform a summoning ritual to bring about a demonic flute player as a gift for her father when he arrives home. She makes a mistake and summons the wrong demon of the first circle who then attacked her and Red Summer. Red Summer exalts and managed to slay the demon with a flying guillotine. Little did Red Summer know that Bakat saw everything. Red Summer when on with the rest of the day trying to fathom what had happened.

Shift back to Gaz-Khul arriving from the hunt. He was brought into the slaves pen while his master went to see his daughter after finding out she was attacked. Gaz-Khul decides to break out of the palace. After trying to incite a riot and fighting some guards. He managed to escape only to be glowing.

While walking around the village Red Summer sees a masked man dressed in black attempt to murder a boy with a knife. The knife’s blade shifted as if people’s faces were trapped in them. Red Summer attempted to attack the man but spent too much of his essence thus igniting his anima.

Gaz-Khul running away from his captors sees a beacon of hope and runs towards Red Summer with both of them glowing. Xiu of the Grey sun sees them and decides to help them out by hiding in Yu-Shan the home of the celestial bureaucracy. Hilarity ensues with them almost getting captured by the Lion guards of heaven and almost blowing their cover while walking around the celestial bureaucracy. They managed to escape the next day at the home of Liria.

Red Summer decides to leave everyone and head west after Xiu tries to convince him to go North back to his tribe. Upon going that direction he is captured by five immaculate monks and brought back to Cynis Tarugo.


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