Ai-Yesha birth was an accident. Her mother was Djala whore who made her life on her back in the city of Nexus. Ai-Yesha learned one thing about her mother at an early age. It is either trick or be tricked. Her mother was usually the one being tricked. Being promised wealth beyond measure from her clients, but she would come back beaten and humiliated.

When Ai-Yesha was of age, she had found out that her purity was to be sold off to a lecherous mercenary captain. Rather than being taken by the man, she had feed his lusts with sweet talk and wine. She got him so drunk he could not keep his manhood erect. When the man passed, she put a pillow on his head and snuck out of his camp.

Ai-Yesha spent a few years as a street urchin running with a band of kindred spirits. During those times she met her first love Nymia. She was a daughter of a dynast who lost his honor and his head due to treason against the Scarlet Empress. The two were inseparable. Nymia had taught her how to read while Ai-Yesha taught her how to survive in Nexus.

When the two neared their 20th summer, Nymia had proven excellent with sword she was offered a position as a mercenary. Ai-Yesha had taken to mercantilism from a common friend and realized she could live comfortable as a merchant selling shoddy wears to people who were stupid. The two had slowly drifted apart and amiably parted ways.

Ai-Yesha ended up doing some trading over the years and realized that there were a lot of poor suckers in the town of Green Velt. The local dynast was usually drugged out to inspect his goods and the people were as thick as mud.

With her two assistance, Grovar and Theli she maintains a lucrative shop that sells cheap goods from nexus.


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