Gaz-Khul found himself in a party of Cynis Tarugo again. Oh how he loathed the fat man and his friends. they way they fornicated with anyone. Even he was forced to serve the guests. It was his station to serve. He remembered a time when he was a free man.

Originally Gaz-Khul was a hunter. His tribe of Stone Eagle were a fierce people who lived further north of Green Velt. They used to hunt the wild Yeddim and mammoth who would migrate from the north to the east. Gaz-Khul was a hunter back then. Might and proud he and his fellow hunters brought food to his tribes men. This earned them the a high status with in the tribe.

The one day Gaz-Khul’s pride took the better of him.

Near thier camp was an ancient and cursed place. His people said it was a place where the gods died. Stories have been passed down from generation to generation about the old gods who once commanded their people. The other gods, the younger ones grew jelous of their power. They betreayed their masters and ahd killed them. To prevent them from reincarnating, their souls were locked in a box under the sea.

The cursed place were gods die was said to contain all their earthly treasures. Rooms filled with god metal and gold, animals of rare and exquisite beauty and weapons beyond belief.

Gaz-Khul though he was the best warrior and hunter of his tribe. He thought he could go into the cursed place and come back alive. He was wrong.

Gaz-Khul remembered going into the thick overgrown thicket going to the old place. He doesn’t remember what transpired their. All he remembers was walking up in a cage naked with a mask on his face. He was apparently captured by servants of Cynis Tarugo. The mask was made of wood but would sometimes shine the color of gold. During th day he could never remove it. At night it would fall off only to find itself back on Gaz-Khul’s face in the morning.

His new master found this intriguing, having a handsome young savage who hid is face during the day only to show like the moon at night. Gaz-Khul was used as his toy during parties when the ruler of Green Velt would arrive to throw lavish parties for himself and his friends.

Gaz-Khul saw his hubris as punishment. Nobody can be as good as the old gods. He lost his freedom for trying. Eventually after his humiliation, the gods will grant him forgiveness and possibly freedom.


The Rise of the Morning Sun Kamikyri