When She was young she had lost her parents to a plague. She was then raised by her grandmother Tema in her farm outside of Green Velt.

Living near the edge of the Spider Mire Forest, Liria spent her time by herself exploring the woods. She had learned from her Grandmother the ways of the forest. She would tie brightly colored strips of paper on trees to ward evil spirits away as she would gather spider silk to sell in the village.

She never really had other friends her age since the village. Was quite a ways away. Liria loved animals and they were her childhood friends. She also learned the ways of the animals in the forests. She even managed to tame a wild spider squirrel which she named Renton.

When Liria was a young adult, she and her Grandmother would make trips going to the village. They were contracted by The Guild to sell their spider silks to the local dynasts of house Cynis.

This was an exciting time for Liria. She met new people and learned new things about the village. She was also introduced to gambling.

One day, Liria was asked by her Grandmother to make a delivery by herself. Her old bones could not carry the load and her knees was painful. Her eyesight had faided to the point that she could bearly see. Liria realized that if she could make more jade, she could pay for help. In fact, she could get more people to carry more spider silk and make more money. Sooner or later, her grandmother could live a comfortable life. She wouldn’t need to carry anymore silk.

But how to earn a lot of Jade to hire more men. A stranger by the name of Xiu of the Grey Sun gave her an idea. Gambling! She can bet a bit of jade and win a lot of jade. If she was lucky.

Xiu brought her to a gambling hall which The Guild ran. At first she was winning. She was so excited she kept on playing. But as they say the house always wins. She ended up owning the guild an substantial amount of Jade. More then what her farm and its lands are worth. The guild representative in the area Iron Lotus, told her she had three days to pay or she would be forced to marry him and give him her farm as a dowry.

Liara now finds herself outside of the guild hall. Wondering how she could save the farm and her grandmother.


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