Red Summer


Red Summer’s father Blessed Ox was alchemist and narcotics expert originally from the south in the desert city of Chiaroscuro. His mother Ayto was a local in Green Velt. His knowledge of narcotics earned the interests of the local magistrate of Green Velt, Cynis Tarugo. Blessed Ox became a rich man for this and he was considered a lucky man. Unfortunately his son, Red Summer was not.

Red Summer was not a lucky child. While his father was dark skinned like anyone else from the south and his mother had a somewhat tanned complexion. Red Summer was an albino. He had pasty white skin, red eyes and snow white hair. People said he was cursed but the Elemental Dragons.

When he was growing up, the sun would burn him when he was outside. To make matters worse, he was allergic to the local fauna and would get sick easily. He was kept inside for the most part. Blessed Ox saw his son as useless in normal chores, so he taught him how to read. With nothing else to do, Red Summer kept reading.

He grew up to be a scholar of sorts. When he was of age, his father managed to get him a job as a tutor to Cynis Bakat the daughter of Cynis Tarugo and his mistress Odepa. Bakat was a spoiled child and would torment Red Summer to no end. Red Summer had to suck it up and teach her everything he could about the Creation and its history. He was happy when his student left to The Heptagram after she exalted at a young age.

Ever since then, Red Summer has worked with his father at Cynis Tarugo’s manor working on the book keeping side of the business.

Red Summer

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