Vermillion Legion aka Red Piss Legion

Known everywhere but in official documents as the Red-Piss Legion, this unit is made up of the scum of the Realm — little more than gallow’s bait and gutter sweepings. The Dynasty has sent this legion to the farthest reaches of the empire, but it just won’t die. Its soldiers survive even the most suicidal mis-sions and multiply like maggots in rotten meat.

History blames House Cynis for rounding up these uncouth bastards in the first place. During the Realm’s conquest of the world after the Great Contagion, the decadent Cynis looked for inexpensive ways to keep order on the Blessed Isle, while his real legions were campaigning across the sea. Cynis sent a call out to all of his villages that a new legion was being formed to protect the interior of the Realm. The soldier’s pay for this legion was about a fourth of what professional soldiers earned. Those villagers who answered the call were a ragtag band of country boys-cum-mercenaries.

The legion’s first assignment was to guard the growing trade center of Lord’s Crossing from bandits and to maintain peace within the city. The legion didn’t see many bandits, so they secured the peace by rounding up all the drunks in the streets of the town. Rather than throw them in jail, the legion’s general, a farmer from Falcon’s Bluff, decided to press these drunks into service to teach them the virtues of military discipline.

Since that first assignment, the legion has used similar recruiting practices in all the cities in which it has been stationed. While it seems like the tributary lords might appreciate the removal of the local vagrants, the hell this legion raises when it passes through makes a few drunks in the streets seem like a boon.

The legion survived the latest round of military cuts because it’s so cheap to maintain. Besides, it occasionally makes a little money — several tributary lords, having hosted the Red-Piss Legion once, actually paid House Cynis not to station the legion within their provinces. Although the Red-Piss Legion is the one that’s always sent on whatever suicide missions the Deliberative orders imperial troops committed to, the drunks of the Red-Piss Legion refuse to be vanquished.

Vermillion Legion aka Red Piss Legion

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