Peleeps Shimar’s birth was celebrated in her family. Her father was a great admiral for the Navy. Her mother was a skilled artisan whose works were even hailed as beautiful by the empress’s favorite courtesan. This made her family powerful and wealthy.

Shimar being an only child was spoiled by her mother and was given everything that she ever wanted. Her father was rarely seen due to his time at sea. When she was a child, She was given everything she ever wanted. Everything except attention from her mother who was too busy to be with her and her absent father. This made Shimar do all sorts of things to get her parents attention. She would get into trouble but her mother would only scold her slaves on not watching Shimar.

One day her mother her mother fell ill. She had a horrible wasting disease and shortly passed away. At that time her father was visiting the Blesses Isle. He realized how spoiled her daughter was and decided that she was to enroll in the immaculate order.

Shimar soon learned to love her training as an immaculate monk. The discipline and training had given her what her parents could not. She felt that she belonged to something greater. Shimar also fell in love with her master Kandras and they had a secret affair. That all ended one dark night.

One spring night, Shimar and lover were meeting outside of the walls of the monastery. On that particular night Kandras showed up later then usual. In the darkness, he was walking towards her with a limp. Shimar could not see to clearly. When he approached, she saw that Kandras was covered in blood. He slowly lowered a skull like mask on his face and immediately attacked her.

Shimar defended her self and managed to defeat her former lover and master. Right after that another monk saw her and the lifeless body of her Kandras. She was accused of murdering Kandras as was hunted down. Shimar barely escaped.

Five years later, Shimar had changed everything about her. She grew her hair longer so the Immaculate Order would not recognize her. She chose to wear simple peasant clothes rather then the silks she had as a child nor the robes her wore as a initiate. She had wandered her way into a sleepy town called Green Velt where she had lived for the past few months doing odd jobs. Shimar now called Daana to hid her identity now drinks herself to forget everything she had lost.


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