Five Elemental Dragons, the

Children of Gaia, the Elemental Dragons are the lords of the world and are responsible for overseeing the hierarchy of spirits. Like most of the gods, the Dragons have become decadent and self-involved since the end of the First Age. Rarely do the Elemental Dragons inquire into the state of their subjects, and with every passing year, the spirits ignore their duties more and grow more independent. The Immaculate Order venerates the Elemental Dragons as the apotheosis of spiritual development and the princes of Creation.

Daana’d, Arbiter of the Immaculate Complaint

Immaculate Texts portray Daana’d, the Immaculate of Water, as a capricious and rebellious youth from the Far West. Anathema saw her power and tried to lure her into their thrall, but Daana’d refused these seductions. After the Dragon-Blooded destroyed the Anathema, she swam down to the bottom of the deepest sea to lock the gate to the Underworld, to ensure that the Anathema would never again return to trouble the world of man. Daana’d taught men to follow the road of enlightenment and escape the cycle of life and death.

Younger Immaculates on Daana’d’s path engage in all manner of spiritual athletics to develop the ultimate mastery of their own Essences. They often leave the order for many years and endure every hardship they can experience. The Antithesis of Daana’d is the “Unmanly Babbler,” who whines that he cannot solve his problems, when the true answer lies in his own Essence.

Hesiesh, Reciter of Loud Hymns and Efficacious Prayers

Hesiesh was an Exalted of great potential who used his powers only once in his life. Hesiesh saved up his Essence, stored it away and released it all at once to burn away the corpses of the fallen Anathema so that they would not rise as hungry ghosts. Because he reserved his powers for the time when they were most needed, he succeeded during the one moment that his life truly mattered.

Follower of Hesiesh are the most involved in the order’s catechism. They see tradition as the hallowed ways that generations past used to save time and energy. These traditional methods became traditional because they worked. The antithesis of Hesiesh is the “Illiberal Churl,” who observes traditions because that is what is expected of him, thereby missing the Essence at the heart of the hallowed ways.

Sextes Jylis, He Who Hath Strewn Much Grass

After the war against the Anathema, the Immaculate of Wood walked the lands and restored the Realm. He rebuilt toppled mountains and set fallen trees aright. Over razed fields, he sowed grass that the fields might grow again. Sextes Jylis, the wanderer, exemplifies the responsible use of Exalted gifts.

Those who emulate the Dragon of Wood travel the Realm repairing the damage caused by war and natural disaster, while, at the same time, seeking out heretics and ministering to small villages. The Antithesis of Sextes Jylis is the “Inconsiderate Horseman.” As he travels the road of life, he neglects to protect against easily preventable damage.

Mela, Petitioner of Clouds Accordant to the Call of Battle

The Dragon of Air was the eldest in the legends of the Five Immaculates, the first soul to ever reach Ultimate Exaltation. She taught humans strong in spirit and body the use of Essence, and when the Dragon-Blooded marched to war against the Anathema, she used her power to blow the fires away the Chosen, so that they would not be burned.

Mela represents perfection, and those who emulate her seek to make themselves the best at everything. Those who follow the Immaculate of Air are the most accomplished warriors in the Realm, and Mela’s name is often invoked in times of war. The Antithesis of Mela is the “Sickly Whore,” who, although she possesses great beauty, wastes her gifts on the degradation of herself and others.

Pasiap, He Who Illuminates Both Worlds with Majesty and Power

The Dragon of Earth was born into the human incarnation of Pasiap just at the end of the wars against the Anathema. When the other Dragons returned to the Celestial Sphere, Pasiap stayed behind to teach humanity the way to control the Essence of the Earth. He also showed the Dragon-Blooded how to use their Charms to construct great temples and awe-inspiring towers.

Followers of Pasiap are great architects and builders. Few Manses have been built without the advice of an Immaculate who follows the Dragon Pasiap. The Antithesis of Pasiap is the “Ostentatious Peasant,” who lives far beyond his means, even though his possessions are worthless next to the true wealth of enlightenment.

Five Elemental Dragons, the

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